Meadowbrook Christian Church
P.O. Box 177 Fenton, MO 63026     Email: mccfenton@gmail.com
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To build a spiritual bridge from where people are to where Christ wants
us all to be.

Showing that Christianity is not about a religion, it is about a relationship.

No one stands alone!
Come as you are!
The Bible is the final rule and 

Who is Meadowbrook Christian Church
Meadowbrook Christian Church is a non-denominational church.  What does that mean? Basically, we are an independent church that teaches the Bible.  We are not affiliated with any governing body and we rely on the generosity of our members to run our programs.  

What to expect at Meadowbrook Christian Church
When you worship with Meadowbrook, here is what you can expect:

  • We will worship God through song and other forms of worship. (Psalm 149) 
  • We will take communion to remember Jesus' sacrifice and request. (Luke 22:14-20)
  • We will teach from the Bible what God wants for our lives. (2 Timothy 3:16)
  • Our members will be provided the opportunity to be generous though the giving of their offerings and tithes. (Acts 4:32-35)
  • We will rejoice with one another in the act of baptism. (Acts 2:37-41) 

Why is this what we do on Sunday?  Because these were the acts of the first church, as found in Acts 2:42 - 47.  The look may change from week to week, but the purpose does not.  

As you enter Meadowbrook, you will be greeted by a member of our Welcome Team.  They are there to assist you with any needs you may have, from where the restrooms are located to a Bible for service.  Do you have children?  Let our team walk you to the appropriate area. Stop by our welcome table to discover resources explaining Meadowbrook's purpose further.  Once worship starts you will be participating in an environment of sincere surrender. You will be afforded the opportunity to partake in communion, even if you are not a member Meadowbrook.  

Feel free to grab a bagel and/or doughnut while you warm your cup with fresh coffee.  Talk with others and discover the joy that makes Meadowbrook what it is: our wonderful people.  

While you are with us at Meadowbrook feel free to participate! Jump in and experience it all or stand back and soak it all in.